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Here’s Why Soundproof is Important

Let’s face it: Thanks to improper house construction, open floor plans, and an array of impressive, yet noisy entertainment gears, today’s houses are noisier than ever. But how do you soundproof a room? Can you soundproof the door instead? We have all the answers.

The largest opening in most walls is a doorway. One of the most effective ways to keep noise from moving from one room to the next is to install solid doors, without having to remodel your building. This is a great noise-reduction technique.

A soundproof door is a door that has been heavily insulated to prevent sound and vibration from passing through the door. The strong seals and dense insulation of the door help achieve this in situations where noise reduction is desired.

Why do I need to sound-proof a door?

The most obvious reason here is privacy.
The other reasons why you need to soundproof the door are:

  • To help secure some space off those pesky neighbours
  • If you have an office and you want to block noises from heavy machinery
  • For venues that are loud and noisy
  • Doctor’s offices and military environments that require privacy

For example, it is pretty standard for newspaper and manufacturing plants to have soundproof doors to keep the noise away from other rooms.

While a soundproof door is usually used to prevent external noises from getting in, let’s not forget that it is also used in spaces where it’s important not to let any noise out.

Choose wisely.

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